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Day Trade Log Review

Day Trade Log Review One of the most essential parts of day trading is keeping a day trading journal that will help you track your progress and allow you to analyze your trading habits. With Day Trade Log you’ll have access to their proprietary trading journal spreadsheets created for active traders and investors that will enable […]

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Finbox.io App Review

Finbox.io App Review Have you ever wondered if you were making the right investments and wish you had someone or something to help you with your investing decisions? Well let me introduce you to the Finbox.io App that was developed for that exact reason with a suite of tools to help you make better investing […]

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Trademetria.com Review

Trademetria.com Review Trademetria is an online trading journal for active traders and investors that focuses on providing the best tools available for tracking and analyzing your trades. As a trader is it vital to understand your trading habits and the best way to do that is through journaling. By keeping track of this data you […]

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ChartSmart Review

ChartSmart Review ChartSmart is a powerful online screening software program that allows you to scan the markets based on a plethora of customization tools. The possibilities are nearly endless with hundreds of options to choose from that will help you find the best setups in the market that meet your requirements. You’ll have the ability […]

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TC2000 Review: Technology That Adds Value


TC2000 Review: Technology That Adds Value Today we’re going to do a TC2000 review.  TC2000 is an online software company that focuses on providing top-notch analysis tools for stock and option traders with their main services including charting, scanning and trading through an affiliated broker. Their software is a downloadable software that is only compatible […]

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Falcon Trading Computers Review

Falcon Trading Computers Review Falcon Trading Computers specializes in building custom trading computers that extremely powerful and capable of running all your trading software programs with some systems supporting up to 16 monitors. They offer a wide range of customer computers based on your budget and personal needs. They also offer custom laptops that are […]

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Stock Horizon Review

Stock Horizon Review Stock Horizon is a an online alert system that scans the markets for specific setups based on filters used for day trading as well as stocks showing above normal interest in social media outlets. It takes the arduous task of manually scanning for setups and systematized it to notify traders of potential […]

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TradeXchange Review

TradeXchange Review TradeXchange is an online financial media outlet that delivers real-time news headlines that usually hits the wire fast enough to be an actionable trade idea. TradeXchange alerts major headlines, technical levels, smart filtered social media news, M&A, IPOs, earnings reports, desk chatter algo, unusual volume spikes, and analyst ratings as soon as they become public […]

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